Accolades already rolling in for long-time journalist, but first time novelist, Tim Ayliffe.

‘The outstanding event for me, however, (as a cut above the rest), was the ‘Canberra Criminals’ session moderated by Dan Bourchier. Guest speakers were journalists Chris Uhlmann, Steve Lewis, and Tim Ayliffe. Those who watched (or read) The Secret City, would be well aware that Canberra was the centre of the action for that series, and that the film adaptation created from the book was not only world class, but grippingly paced through to the end. Tim Ayliffe, also a hard-boiled journalist, centred his crime novel in Sydney, and there was playful banter in the accusation by Lewis that Tim’s research may have been a bit ‘too thorough’ in the red light districts of Sydney! There was hilarity in the discussion of politics over the past week, and process in writing political thrillers, and it became apparent that such writing was obviously good for the soul. There were some secrets revealed in the form of personal responses from politicians to the books, in particular, those who thought that they had been represented (or misrepresented), in the book. ‘Mum’ was the word on who was actually involved in this, but the author banter gave clues’

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