We are very disappointed to announce the 2020 Tamar Valley Writers Festival is a casualty of COVID-19.

With so many other events and festivals due to happen in the coming weeks and months being cancelled, it's perhaps not surprising that the TVWF organising committee has come to the reluctant, but necessary conclusion our three-day Festival scheduled for September must also be cancelled..

Please note however that at this stage we have confidence we may be able to stage some individual events late in 2020; a Festival in some shape in 2021, and a fully-fledged TVWF in 2022.

Your continued support going forward will be greatly appreciated and we undertake to keep you posted via social media and our website as the current situation develops and improves.

We sincerely thank all our guest writers, presenters, supporters and patrons of the Tamar Valley Writers Festival, and we hope you will all continue your support into the future.

We encourage you to stay in touch with developments through the TVWF Website and our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/TamarValleyWritersFestival/

Stay well and safe.