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Tasmania is the full stop at the bottom of the world, and we live on an island of stories. For years now, the Tamar Valley Writers Festival has celebrated our great thinkers, writers and readers, and now we are excited to share these insights globally, right here, on the Tamar Valley Writers Festival podcast. Lyndon Riggall and Annie Warburton talk to writers, playwrights, comedians, poets, editors and all of those who share a love of the written word.

The Tamar Valley Writers Festival podcast series is sponsored by Events Tasmania, MVisuals and the award winning Turner Stillhouse at Grindelwald. For more information on any books mentioned, please visit Petrarch’s, Launceston’s major book retailer.

Ep. 2 Kate Kruimink — Vogel Prize-winning debut author

When Kate Kruimink won the Australian Vogel prize for her book A Treacherous Country, the nation’s most prestigious literary award for a young author, it was by unanimous decision of the panel of four judges. One of the judges, Tegan Bennet Daylight, said what impressed her and her fellow judges was Kruimink’s assured voice. Voice is crucial to Kate Kruimink’s story, for it is the voice of someone totally unlike herself, a young Tasmanian woman struggling with motherhood and the work/life balance.

The ‘voice’ in Kate’s story is that of Gabriel Fox, a young Englishman, who comes to Van Diemen’s Land in the 1840s on a mission to find a woman – Maryanne Maginn — sent there 30 thirty years earlier as a convict. He’s doing this at the behest of an older woman – a friend of his family in England – who wants to be reunited with Maryanne. Gabriel is the third son of his aristocratic family, so will not inherit the estate, so when this Mrs Prendergast offers him money to find Maryanne, here’s his chance for a new life in the colonies. There’s the added incentive that if he succeeds, he might well win the hand of the Mrs Prendergast’s pretty young ward Susannah, with whom he is smitten.
It’s a story of love and loyalty, of youthful folly and the getting of wisdom, of family sorrows and guilt, of peril and hardship in the young convict colony….and of whaling.

Annie Warburton chats with Kate about her book, motherhood and the trajectory of her career after winning the Vogel Prize.

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Ep. 1 Kyle Perry — Beyond the Bluffs

Kyle Perry is a writer who divides his time between his hometown in North West Tasmania and Hobart. Growing up in the foothills of the Great Western Tiers, he has occasionally found himself lost in the Tasmanian wilderness and is inspired by experiences of the natural world that defy explanation. As a youth worker who has worked extensively in high schools, shelters and drug rehabilitation, his fiction interrogates these issues in a way that is deeply appreciative of the human soul at the centre of them, as is evident in his debut novel, The Bluffs.

The Bluffs is a story of two disappearances beneath Tasmania’s Great Western Tiers: a group of teenage girls in 1985 and a second group in the present day. As fingers are pointed in various directions the secrets of the past begin to unwind, while some locals fear that a mythical figure blamed for the abduction thirty years ago might have returned, known as “the Hungry Man”.

Lyndon Riggall chats with Kyle about The Bluffs, creativity, and the influence of Tasmania on his work.

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